Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, There is no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) required for our standard Models.
Yes, all the assembly services will be charge if you purchase from our website. The price in our website is excluded delivery and assembly services cost.
When you order from our website, we ensure that the order gets processed within 24 hours in working day and gets delivered within 7 – 14 working days.
We have distributors in whole Malaysian. You may make a call and visit our distributors and view or feel the actual products in their showroom. You may also can purchase thru our distributors too. But the price will be depends to our distributors cost.
We only accept customised items with MOQ. Because we are Max Production factory, if the Customised items in low quantiy will make us very high costing.
Yes, We generally offer 1 – 3 years warranty for our products (Except our clearance or special offer products). Please kindly check with our Sales Consultants for more further details. Besides that, when you receive your purchased products. Please must make the warranties registration thru United Woodwork official website. If not, the warranty is invalid.
Nyatoh is a standard Malaysia name for the timbers of Sapotaceae family. The unique and very obvious natural wood grain is the unique point for Solid Nyatoh wood. By the way, Nyatoh is very suitable to produce the high quality furniture. Because Nyatoh have the rich of dense fibre which result in greater strength and hardness of the wood and It is also more durable. Nyatoh wood is a very unique wood, because It’s contains a kind of spicy fragrance while termites and other wood destroyer insects despise. Therefore, there is never a need to worry about their threats. For more details of Nytaoh Wood, please kindly visit “http://mtc.com.my/wizards/mtc_tud/items/report(92).php”
We are using the PU FINISHING for all our products. PU paint is to give a final finish and a fine texture to the wooden surface. These coatings protect the wood from scratches, dust, moisture, and deflections in shape.
We temporary don’t have showroom, but we have distributors in whole Malaysia.
Yes. If you need your old furniture to be hauled away we would recommend calling one of many non profits in your area that will likely haul the items away at little to no charge. However, United Woodwork’s can haul away your old furniture for high cost charges. Becasue we have to hauls it to the place that government arranged with charges. If not we will get the arrest with high penalty. Number of pieces we’ll haul away is limited to the number of pieces you’re having us deliver. For instance, if we are delivering a dining set, we will haul-away your old dining set with charges.